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The top 3 activities to do this summer

What to do this summer?

Because les Sommets is much more than just a huge water park, we offer many unique events and activities for the summer season that are unique in Quebec.

Surfing session


You read that right! It is possible to surf in our Super wave pool! The waves are big and powerful enough to allow surfers to practice their favourite sport. It's the perfect place to start; the waves are about 2 feet high, the sequence is regular, the water is heated, the bottom is not rocky, etc. We even have a coach present to teach you the basics of the sport. And, of course, our team of lifeguards is on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly.

We offer two surfing session options; the first is for beginners who want to learn the sport with the help of a coach in the water. It is also possible to rent a board. The second option is "open" which means that people must be able to surf without the help of a coach. They must be 100% autonomous. The "open' option is ideal for those who don't have time to go down to Maine or El Salvador!

Children are also welcome; however, be aware that a portion of the pool is very deep. Therefore, we do not recommend this activity for children nine years old and younger.

Rando X Yoga


Another fantastic and popular activity is Rando X Yoga. Imagine doing the tree pose at the top of the mountain with a magnificent sunset as a backdrop! On Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings, it's twice a week that enthusiasts meet at the foot of the slopes. The experience begins with a walk up to the Saint-Sauveur Summit. Once the summit is reached, yogis unroll their mats and 45-minute yoga practice is led by the extraordinary Andréa Beaulieu of Esprit Alpin.
Although this activity is for everyone, it requires a certain level of effort to climb the mountain at the beginning of the practice.

Outdoor movie nights + rides


Although more and more popular in Quebec's cities and villages, the Cinéma en Plein air du Sommet Saint-Sauveur stands out mainly for its ride options. For $10, visitors will have unlimited access to five rides and the entrance to the movie's presentation. It's also free for children under five years old.

Our Outdoor movie nights are the perfect outing choice for families with young children looking for a simple, affordable, exciting activity. Kids can expend their energy on the rides in the early evening and then lounge around watching a movie afterwards.

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