Family Fun at the Water Park

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Family Fun at the Water Park

Did you know that most of our adult rides can also be done by the little ones? That's right! If you bring your child along on our slides, you are giving them the opportunity to experience a whole new range of thrills! In the presence of a parent, the youngest ones always feel safer and may eventually learn to slide alone, gradually and easily. More than 40 activities are available to you; sliding with your family at the Water Park is easy at Sommet Saint-Sauveur. Here are a few attractions where you can join your kids!   

Blizzard and Frisson 


The Blizzard is one of our newest activities. It is a refreshing descent of a dizzy height! Aboard double inflatable tubes, you will face this slide which combines speed, curves and spirals over a distance of more than 183 meters and a vertical height equivalent to a building of more than 7 stories! For a similar but gentler experience, the Frisson is the perfect attraction to introduce your children to the pleasures of tubing. This one is located on the Children's Island and has the same colors as the Blizzard. It's a great way to add a little challenge to your kids' day.   

The Niagara 


Ready for a more challenging ride? It's time to try the Niagara. This mountain descent will propel you through darkness, waterfalls and tunnels. Pure fun!  

The Lazy River


Slow down the pace by taking a breather and take a ride on the Lazy River. Let yourself drift with your family on this peaceful journey along the station. A great way to relax and create sweet summer memories.  

The Super Wave Pool and the Barrel  


Of course, the Super Wave Pool is always an option of choice for family fun! Let yourself be rocked by the sound of water, just like in the South; with its effervescent waves and its beach, our pool will make you dream of the Tropics. Close your eyes and breathe in the warm air that will make you travel. Need to splash around a bit? Take a little detour by the Barrel, our giant bucket. Once full, it releases several liters of water. A duo of activities that we never get tired of.   

Honorable mentions: Rivière Rouge and Rivière du Nord, the Pool-spa, the Twisters, the Manic and the Torrents.   

All these activities can be done by your child if you accompany them, in addition to the activities reserved strictly for children. Isn't that great? So, what about it? Gather your whole tribe and come see us for a fun, refreshing and family-friendly stay at les Sommets.

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