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"No reservation" tickets

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If you're not the type to plan your summer activities far in advance, our "no reservation" tickets are the best choice for you.

Regardless of the weather, your family's schedule or anything else, the advantage of a no-reservation ticket is that it offers the maximum flexibility possible. But be careful; these tickets will not be on sale all summer long. These promotional tickets are only available for purchase online at the beginning of the season and for a limited time.

So if you're sure you want to come to visit us this summer but don't have a specific date set for your visit (who knows the weather one month in advance anyway!), this ticket is perfect for you.

Here are the two types of daily tickets for the Water Park this summer:

1- Regular tickets (date specific)

Based on a date schedule, regular Water Park tickets must be purchased online in advance. Your access is then valid for a specific day only. A date change policy is available. A request can be made online, free of charge, 48 hours before the day of your visit.

> Online ticket calendar available soon


2- Promotional tickets (without reservation)

Sold at the beginning of the summer, these tickets offer the most excellent flexibility because there are no dates. You can come to the water park whenever you want without a reservation. No matter the day or how busy the site is, your access is guaranteed at all times. This ticket is not on sale regularly. It is a special ticket sold only at the beginning of the season.

> Promotional tickets on sale NOW

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