Upcoming investments and new features

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Upcoming investments and new features

We are pleased to inform you that Groupe les Sommets will invest more than $11 million in infrastructure improvements over the next year. Here is a brief overview of the planned investments.

La Laurentienne, a new lift at Sommet Gabriel


The most significant investment is, without a doubt, the installation of La Laurentienne, a brand new 4-seat fixed-grip lift with a loading carpet on the South Side of Sommet Gabriel. Work has already begun and the new lift is scheduled to open on December 1st. La Laurentienne will replace the organization's oldest lift, the old South Side triple chair that opened in 1976.

$2 million in snowmaking technology at Sommet Saint-Sauveur, versant Avila, Sommet Morin Heights and Sommet Gabriel


In order to secure the longest snowmaking season in Quebec, several improvements will be implemented throughout our mountains. First of all, the snowmaking capacity will be increased by adding a compressor that will increase performance and allow for an earlier opening of the skiable area at Sommet Saint-Sauveur, versant Avila.

In addition, upgrading the snowmaking systems at Sommet Morin Heights and Sommet Gabriel will secure the ski seasons for years to come. The Sommet Morin Heights system will also be upgraded with automatic control systems that will be added to better manage our snowmaking system. These investments will allow Les Sommets to continue to distinguish itself as a snow production leader.

New learning area at Sommet Olympia


The replacement of the carpet as well as the remodelling and expansion of the learning area is underway. This will improve the experience of new skiers who wish to enjoy their favourite mountain.

Finally, it is essential to share with you that these new investments are being made without government assistance. We continue to work on multiple projects and will continue to make the Laurentians one of the most beautiful places to ski in Quebec. More features will be announced soon; keep an eye on our communications.

See you on the slopes!

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