Water park: a short guide for knowledgeable visitors

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Water park: a short guide for knowledgeable visitors

Get your sunscreen and swimsuits ready: it's time for a trip to the water slides! Here are some tips for a hassle-free visit to our mountain water park.  


The Basics  

We recommend that you bring your own outdoor chairs, including lounge chairs; there will be a limited number of chairs available on site. Don't forget your tablecloth for your picnic table and if you have young children, it is very important to consider bringing your own flotation devices: life jackets and personal flotation devices (PFDs) are the preferred options. Puddle Jumpers that fit over the arms and attach to the child's chest are allowed in some of our activities. Inflatable arm floats, back balloons, swim belts and inflatable vests are all prohibited.   


Suit up! 

To enjoy our aquatic facilities with ease, it's important to wear appropriate, body-fitting water gear. For children wearing a diaper, it is mandatory to wear a swim diaper. Please also note that jewelry, watches and accessories are not accepted in the activities: they are easily lost in the pools and are immediately collected by the filtration system. Finally, eyeglasses and sunglasses must be attached to the head with a strap to avoid losing them! Don't worry, you can buy them at the store for a low price. 


What to leave at home  

Naturally, there are certain items that cannot be brought onto the site in order to ensure the safety, well-being and respect of all our visitors. Let's take a look at a few notable examples. One prohibited item that always surprises is the glass container. These come in many forms: bottles, containers, shishas, pyrex dishes and more... ceramic dishes are also part of the bunch. As all these objects are brittle and sharp, they represent a risk of injury for our customers who walk, you guessed it, barefoot! 

Other prohibited items include: alcohol from outside, drugs, barbecues, pets, flippers and snorkels.   

Great: you're all set to visit us! For more information, don't hesitate to consult our practical information tab.

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