Passion, respect, honesty and determination: the values on which les Sommets’ ski resorts were built decades ago. Still and always at the core of this great family, they will touch and surround you, and be part of your daily adventure. You’ll find the perfect job in the Laurentians and in Outaouais, right here with us.

The use of the masculine gender includes the feminine and is employed solely to facilitate reading.

Boutique, rental and repairs departement employees

Specialists for inform and advise customers for selling, rent or repair equipement, applicants in these jobs spend all of their time with our guests.

Take a look at our jobs below or send us your resume for the possible future needs of hiring.

Candidature spontanée

Reparation and location département manager


Ski shop technician

Prepares, adjusts and performs minor repairs on customers' ski and snowboard equipment.


Ski shop team leader

Divides the work at the ski repair shop staff and ensures availability of the products offered; Adjusts ski equipment and ensures the functioning of the workshop.


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