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Les Sommets: winner of the Platinum Partner Awards

December 19th, 2017

Saint-Sauveur, December 19, 2017 Les Sommets proudly confirms that it has received the prestigious Platinum Partner Awards for a second year in a row. The Award is given by SNOW Operating each year to a North American ski resorts, highlighting their work and efforts to introduce new skiers and snowboarders to the sport.

Each year SNOW Operating gives their Platinum Partner Awards to the partners that they feel are doing the best in executing on TBL (Terrain Based Learning Area), embracing the philosophies they adhere to at SNOW Operating and pushing the status quo on improving the beginner guest experience. Based on the resort’s audit scores and initiatives like the La Boîte à Ski, they feel that les Sommets are among their best and most forward thinking partners. That is why they chose to honor les Sommets once again this year.

“We are incredibly proud to be working with the les Sommets resorts. Not only are they among the best at executing on the Terrain Based Learning methodology, but each year they push the bar higher and higher in terms of improving the beginner guest experience and working to create new skiers and snowboarders. We are very pleased to see them recognized for the second year in a row as Platinum Level Partner,” said Hugh Reynolds, VP Marketing SNOW Operating.

« We are extremely proud that les Sommets' Snow School was chosen for a second year in a row for SNOW Operating's prestigious award. It highlights the efforts that we have made for the last few years in order to improve the new skiers and snowboarders' experience to another level, making it easier, enjoyable and fun. Our partnership motivates us to go forward and take down the barriers, pushing us to innovate year after year," said les Sommets' Snow School Director, Simon Pagé.

Innovating to have fun
in addition to a new Boîte à ski at Sommet Saint-Sauveur, allowing the new skiers to access their rental equipment easily outside the lodge, the Snow School is reorganizing its welcoming structure.  The « One-stop-shop »arrives in 2017-2018 at  Sommet Saint-Sauveur in order to, once again, make the new skiers and snowboarders' first time easier. De facto, every new ski enthusiast will have access to the customer service desk, the rental equipment department and the Snow School all in one single place. The era of going back and forth, losing time and confusion is over. Finally, the major innovation of the season is undoubtedly the new instructor/advisor program, baptised ‘L’expérience Découverte’. Every new skier and snowboarder will have access to the precious advice of instructors, present on Sommet Saint-Sauveur and Sommet Saint-Sauveur versant Avila's bunny hills every weekend (starting January 27). Located at the different stages of the TBL, the instructors will support the first gliding experience of the new skiers and snowboarders, making their experience fun and stress-free. Proud of all those innovations,   les Sommets wants to bring the customers' experience to another level this year and win the 2017-2018 Platinum Partner Awards at the same time, because as the saying goes: Good things come in threes!  

Les Sommets, height of emotions.

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