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Les Sommets honors its pioneers

October 24th, 2017

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                                      The ‘Bâtisseur’ and ‘Relève’ Awards become  

                                      the Georges Dufour & Suzanne Bergeron Awards

Saint-Sauveur, October 24, 2017 –  Proud to be a pioneer of Quebec’s Snow Schools, les Sommets honored two great ski enthusiasts during its official Instructor gathering last weekend at Sommet Saint-Sauveur, by renaming two awards, the Georges Dufour & Suzanne Bergeron Awards.

A life on the trails

Still active in les Sommets’ Snow Schools, Georges Dufour and Suzanne Bergeron combine up to 80 years of teaching on les Sommets’ trails. These teaching pioneers shared their passion with thousands of students, from all ages and races for years, making them discover the wonder of winter sports. Known throughout the industry for their passion, involvement and devotion, les Sommets proudly renamed their ‘Bâtisseur’ and ‘Relève’ Awards, the Georges Dufour and Suzanne Bergeron Awards. For a third consecutive year, les Sommets’ Snow School awarded two Instructors, celebrating their effort and perseverance.

Georges Dufour & Suzanne Bergeron ‘Bâtisseur’ Award

Acknowledging the longevity of an Instructor, the passion he or she shared with thousands of students throughout the years and their love for the ski, the Georges Dufour & Suzanne Bergeron ‘Bâtisseur’ Award was given to Barbara Finch, from Sommet Gabriel’s Snow School. Mrs Finch began skiing at the age of 6 on Western Canada’s snowy slopes. Her love for skiing led her to join the prestigious Canadian competition team, named “les espoirs”. After spending a few years with them, she leaves competition to teach full-time at Sommet Gabriel in the early 70s. Meanwhile, she continues to study Physical Education at UQAM and gets her Level 2 and 3 from the AMSC and the FESC’s Level 2. In the early 80s, she becomes an assistant at the Snow School before becoming Sommet Gabriel’s Director for 10 years. After a much deserved break during which she took care of her growing family, she comes back to Sommet Gabriel as a Supervisor. Still a ski enthusiast, Mrs Finch remains very active at Sommet Gabriel’s Snow School today.

Georges Dufour & Suzanne Bergeron « Relève » Award

This year, les Sommets’ 2016-2017 ‘Relève’ Award, was given to Olivier Lareault, from Sommet Saint-Sauveur’s Snow School. With ten years at the Snow School under his belt, Mr. Lareault is an inspiration among the group, fully deserving this recognition. Passionate about skiing since a very young age and as a former student himself, he made his mark as an Instructor for many years before becoming a Supervisor. In parallel with skiing, he gets his Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and gets his Level 3 certificate.  Olivier surrounded himself with a strong team, focusing on his Instructors to get the best team possible. Olivier Lareault now manages the Laurentians’ most important program;  Precomp Program.

Proud to support its Instructors and share their passion for skiing and snowboarding with 5,000 students each week-end, les Sommets hopes to see yout this winter for the longest ski season in Quebec!

Les Sommets, height of emotion.

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