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Les Sommets: Among North America’s Best

June 11th, 2018 Saint-Sauveur Ski


les Sommets: Among North America's best

Recipient of five prestigious awards


Saint-Sauveur, June 11, 2018 – Spring 2018 will be marked by praise for les Sommets, with the company receiving five prestigious distinctions for its many accomplishments, including its snow school, its new website, the quality of its customer service and its security procedures. They may be very different areas of expertise, but they together make les Sommets a benchmark in the North American ski, tourism, and web marketing industry in 2017-2018.


In North America’s Top 3

Every year, the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) holds its annual convention – an event that is widely anticipated by the ski industry. An important draw for ski stations across the United States and Canada, the convention recognizes exceptional contributions by individuals and companies to the alpine skiing industry. Awards bestowed at the event include the Conversion Cup, which goes to the station who implements the most creative programs to convert new skiers and boarders into diehard snow sport fans. This is no minor challenge for any ski centre, but a colossal task for smaller stations like those represented by les Sommets. And so it was a proud achievement for us to have been nominated as a Conversion Cup finalist, putting les Sommets in the ranks of the three best in North America.


Les Sommets, synonymous with excellence

During ASSQ’s Gala d'Excellence on May 31st, les Sommets received 3 honorable mentions: the Prix d'Excellence for its program to develop new skiers, the MON SKI award in the customer experience category for Sommet Saint-Sauveur, as well as a perfect score regarding its security norms and procedures for Sommet Edelweiss.  These awards demonstrate, once more, the importance les Sommets gives to its clientele, and its efforts to innovate constantly.


Top-shelf competition!

Furthermore, in an unprecedented context of local and global competition between scores of digital marketers and professionals, les Sommets won the prestigious Silver Award in the Website & E-Commerce (General Website-Tourism) category at the W3 Awards in New York City last October. The W3 Awards honours creative excellence on the web and receives more than 5,000 nominations each year.


Recall that autumn 2016 was marked by an identity change for les Sommets, as well as by the launch of its new website,, executed by the digital agency Sigmund and communications firm Cossette. In the wake of these various honours, the management team of les Sommets wanted to dedicate the distinctions to the right people: the company’s employees, clients, and partners.


These two achievements are a testament to the quality of the remarkable people who work with us at les Sommets,” said Louis Hébert, the company president and CEO. “A lot of hard work culminated in those nominations and every one of our 1,600 employees contributed directly to those achievements. It has been a wonderful collaboration between employees and our partners. We also want to thank our clients, who believed in us and whose loyalty and passion for winter sports helped us earn this recognition.” 

les Sommets, the height of emotions!


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