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A very «F.U.N.» back to school season for kids in the region

August 30th, 2018 Saint-Sauveur Parc F.U.N.


A very «F.U.N.» back to school season for kids in the region

Saint-Sauveur's Parc F.U.N. will complimentarily welcome hundreds of children next week


Saint-Sauveur, August 29, 2018 – Summer is not quite over yet! In order to celebrate the 2018 back to school period, Sommet Saint-Sauveur’s Parc F.U.N. invites regional students from September 4 to September 7, to take part in a very fun return to classes.

For a second year in a row, Sommet Saint-Sauveur invites elementary schools and daycares from the municipalities of Morin-Heights, Piedmont, Saint-Sauveur and Sainte-Adèle to enjoy free access to the rides of Parc F.U.N.*during this period.

Whether one chooses to try the Dragon, a 700 feet zipline-style ride, the Viking, our exhilarating alpine roller coaster, the mini golf for the more sensible, and even our brand new ride, the SPUTNIK for older children, one is ensured to have a good time! Students, teachers, instructors, school staff…all are welcome to live this great experience in this warm and sunny back to school!

“This initiative showcases our wish to get closer to local communities. The region of Saint-Sauveur is tightly knit; families, local businesses and mostly, the youth. So why not take this least busy period and make it into something beneficial to others?” says Simon Pagé, director of Client Care.

And who said that going back to school had to be boring? It definitely isn’t at Sommet Saint-Sauveur! We all look forward to see you as we enjoy this extended summer weather. Happy school year!


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