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Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Recognized across the province for its expertise, considerable diversity, and certified instructors, les Sommets Snow School offers you the very best instruction. Having won numerous prestigious awards in the ski industry, our school is the most decorated in Quebec.

La Zone: A Revolutionary Method

Try skiing or boarding for the first time in a safe, defined environment where the speed of your turns is naturally controlled by the configuration of the terrain. La Zone’s innovative topography eliminates anxiety about going downhill and lets students become more familiar with the sensation of gliding. They get to enjoy the pure bliss of gliding over the snow without having to worry about slowing down. There are five easy-to-follow steps that will give you the downhill bug at our six snow schools!



La Zone: Terrain Based Learning

Our method, La Zone: Terrain Based Learning, has won numerous prizes in the industry and is recognized by the largest associations of ski and snowboard instructors. We are proud to be the sole partners in Eastern Canada of Snow Operating, a company that specializes in terrain-based learning programs. We are pleased to be working with the very best to develop new skiers.

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Parent's Pass

Parent's Pass

When buying a Snow School program, add a Parent's pass and ski the day of your child’s class. Your pass is also valid 1 week before and two weekends following the end of the programs.

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Tips And Tricks

Tips And Tricks

Check out our YouTube channel for all our Tips and Tricks (6). Each one is unique and will help you improve your techniques with a safe and fluid style. Good viewing!

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