Snow School programs + Private lessons

Snow School programs + Private lessons

We wish to inform you that the inventories for the majority of our Snow School programs have been sold out and taken off our online store. The remaining programs available are the ones shown on our website. If the program you are looking for is not offered, it means it is sold out for the 21-22 winter season. Our sales representatives at the mountain and over our call center have the same inventory offered online.

In addition, it will be possible to book a private lesson from December, 2021, only.



The equipment includes a pair of skis, bindings and boots. The renter is responsible and keeps the rental equipment with him for a period of 5 months.

Picking up the equipment:
The equipment distribution at Sommet Saint-Sauveur will be by APPOINTMENT only.
You will receive by email a registration link to book your appointment. Appointment registration will be available 3 weeks before the equipment distribution begins.
The equipment distribution at Sommet Saint-Sauveur will begin October 8, 2021 starting at 5 pm and every week-ends from October 9, 2021 and/or according to regular hours following the opening of Sommet Saint-Sauveur until December 10, 2021.
Starting December 11, 2021, the equipment distribution will be available without an appointment at versant Avila according to opening hours.

If your rental has been made at Sommet Edelweiss, If your rental is at Sommet Edelweiss, we will contact you to make an appointment. The equipment distribution will start at the opening of Sommet Edelweiss.
Schedules can vary during the month of December; we therefore suggest that you check the website to get the updates.

When you will pick up the equipment you must:
Bring your child with you; the equipment has to be tried on.
Bring an identity card : the parent driver's license or health insurance card.
Make sure to have the weight, height and shoe size of the child.
Complete a form.

Return of the equipment:
Sommet Edelweiss: Must be back before March 31, 2022.
The other Sommets: Must be back at Sommet Saint-Sauveur before the closing of Sommet Saint-Sauveur.

With the rental, you will receive a discount of 15% at the purchase of a helmet and goggles for your child. The purchase has to be made on the same day you pick up the equipment.


The reference age is January 1, 2022.
No refund or credit will be granted after possession of the equipment. You may, if needed, change the size of the equipment throughout the season based on equipment availibility.

Almost Sold Out: 1 Rental Ski rental pre-used child 10 to 12 years old) Ski


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