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AKAMP 2017

From july 1st to 4th versant Avila

The AKAMP’s 10th anniversary

This summer’s free ski or snowboard training camp is held at Sommet Saint-Sauveur’s versant Avila, from July 1st to 4th, 2017 (additional days could be added, depending on the snow and number of participants).  International renown athletes will display spectacular feats and will offer advice to the camp’s participants.

The course will be open daily from 10am to 4pm and for evening sessions from 5pm to 9pm.

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- Daily sessions: $90 per day

- Evening sessions: $60 per night

- 2 evening packages: $100 before April 30, $120 from May 1st

- 3 day packages: $250 before April 30, $270 from May 1st

- 4 day packages: $320 before April 30, $360 from May 1st

- Full time package (4 days and 4 nights): $500 before April 30, $700 from May 1st

Organizers will be on location as early as 7am to greet the participants. The course will open at 10am.

Suggestions and rules

- Helmets and gloves are mandatory at all time on the course.

- Each participants will receive a sticker to apply on the front of their helmet.

- A long sleeved shirt is strongly recommended. Spring snow is known to cause scratches.

- Water is offered for free on location. However, in order to avoid the use of plastic bottles, each participant must bring their own bottle to be refilled. - Sunscreen is highly recommended.

- Plan waterproof clothing  because the course will be open even on rainy days.

- You can bring your lunch boxes. The MSS Bike Park’s cafeteria will also be open.

- Please note that the athletes present do not act as coaches but are friendly advisors• In order to insure everyone’s safety, no form of bullying or violence will be tolerated. Participants could be expelled following any and all situations judged unacceptable (without refund).  We count on your collaboration to make this camp a fun and safe experience.

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