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Axis Slopestyle

March 4th Versant Avila

COORS LIGHT, Axis and Sommet Saint-Sauveur join forces for one of the biggest slopestyle competitions in Quebec. The goal of this competition is to go down a course filled with modules while performing spectacular maneuvers to obtain the most points. Open to all freestylers and snowboarders from 16 years and older. The Coors Light afterparty will start at 9 pm at the versant Avila bar.

Axis is happy to host the 15th annuel Axis Slopestyle Rockstar MSS Snoprk

Registration 11AM - 12h30
Practice 13h00 - 15h00
Competition 18h00 - 21h00
Podium 21h15-22h00

Skiers and Snowboarders must be lisence holders. Please follow links below if you are NOT a member:

Ski Acro Québec
Association Québec Snowboard

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