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MSS Bike Park - versant Avila

Small pleasures on the versant Avila side of Sommet Saint-Sauveur, the mountain bike trails have been created for all levels, from beginners to more competitive athletes.

MSS Bike Park - versant Avila

Open 7/7

Large, quick, filled with obstacles and jumps, or easy with options, the rider in you will have a blast! One of the trails was named in honor of a Mountain Bike Champion, Canadian Steve Smith a.k.a. "Chainsaw Massacre".

Interesting facts

  • Opened in 2015
  • 8 tracks + 1 "pumptrack"
  • 1 chairlift in operation
  • Focus on track maintenance

versant Avila

The Rental and Repair shops

From small repairs like changing a flat tire to major fork rebuild, we can take care of it.
Just bring us your bike and we will take care of the rest.

You wish to hit the trails but don’t have a bike? No problem, stop by the Rental shop, we have what you need. We have a full fleet of Devinci Spartans and Devinci Wilsons both high end bike to rent at a very low price.
The Spartan is an all mountain machine very light and responsive yet able to take on any trail.


A versatile trail that will please all types of cyclists. Beginners will learn to master the obstacle course and experts will refine their techniques.

An excellent choice for kids who wish to learn about mountain bike riding. Free access for kids of 12 years old and under.

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