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Fun never takes a break at our resorts! Discover our range of summer activities and get ready for a season full of adventure and surprises.

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Action, outdoor fun, relaxation, laughter and pleasure... an infinite array of activities for the whole family. Discover THE best recreation and tourism destination in the Laurentians!


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From our water park and hebertism course to our camping, biking trails and amusement park, our destinations are sure to make your summer fun and exciting! Plan your next visit today!

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Positions are generally available from June to September in a variety of areas, including Customer service, Food and Beverages, Security/First aid, Operations, etc.

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SnoPrk les Sommets

Is the largest freestyle terrain spread across our 5 stations

restricted access park on Sommet Saint-Sauveur's versant Avila
Silver Park at Sommet Saint-Sauveur
development parks at Sommet Olympia, Sommet Morin Heights, Sommet Gabriel and Sommet Edelweiss
freestyle zones with progressive learning areas
Sommet Edelweiss Ski Rail Snoprk Parc Neige

Winter's children never grow old.

The Main Park,

the only one of its kind


The Main park on Sommet Saint-Sauveur's, versant Avila is the ultimate playground for freestyle enthusiasts and thrill seekers!


SnoPrk les Sommets offers an impressive variety of modules, jumps and rails to suit all levels.


Maintained by a team of passionate park rangers, it stands out year after year, and has been repeatedly recognized as one of the finest snow parks in North America.


The Main Park at SnoPrk les Sommets is a definite must for module enthusiasts.

Big Air from SMALL to XL
box line
rail line
Access to the Main Park on Sommet Saint-Sauveur's, versant Avila
Access to the Main Park on Sommet Saint-Sauveur's, versant Avila



to access

the Main Park 



The Main Park on Sommet Saint-Sauveur's, versant Avila is a restricted-access park, which means that access is controlled at the top of the run by RFID gates (as for the lifts at the bottom of the trails). To gain access to restricted areas, users must first obtain a PARK PASS from the Services client desk.

Versant Avila Groupe Chaise Remonte Planchiste Versant Avila Slush Cup Planchiste Soleil Sommet Saint Sauveur Versant Avila Snoprk Parc Neige Soleil Snow Versant Avila Snoprk Groupe Attente Pause Sourire Manteau Jaune Versant Avila Snoprk Saut Acrobatie Skieur Versant Avila Rainbow Rail Parc Versant Avila Amis Trio Lunette De Ski Versant Avila Snoprk Burton Planchiste Groupe Versant Avila Regroupement Planchiste Evenement

On Sommet Saint-Sauveur's,

versant Avila,

There are several

freestyle zones for all levels of riders!



In addition to the restricted-access Main Park with intermediate to expert modules, a large section of the Laurentides trail offers a terrain with small modules for less experienced riders.

In the Express Ouest sector, profiled areas have been laid out along the edge of the run. This sector is ideal for families.


What's more, the learning trail on versant Avila features a terrain-based learning zone for new riders. This area features junior modules and a 1,200-square-foot (110-square-meter) terrain area for beginner riders, enabling them to get their first taste of the freestyle environment. All levels of skiers and snowboarders will have access to various modules and progressive terrain, from beginners to experts.

Sommet Saint Sauveur Versant Avila Ecole Glisse Moniteur Tbl Pente

The Zone: a revolutionary method

Make happiness

last longer


Everything you need to complete your experience.