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Fun never takes a break at our resorts! Discover our range of summer activities and get ready for a season full of adventure and surprises.

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Action, outdoor fun, relaxation, laughter and pleasure... an infinite array of activities for the whole family. Discover THE best recreation and tourism destination in the Laurentians!


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From our water park and hebertism course to our camping, biking trails and amusement park, our destinations are sure to make your summer fun and exciting! Plan your next visit today!

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Summer jobs for everyone!

Positions are generally available from June to September in a variety of areas, including Customer service, Food and Beverages, Security/First aid, Operations, etc.

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A visit to

Parc F.U.N.


Start your visit with a ride down the mountain on the Viking, the only alpine roller coaster in Quebec, then continue with the Dragon, the double zipline that flies you over the park in a two-seater. There are also several rides, including the Honey Bee (small cups), the Red Baron (planes), and the Giant Tree. Climb aboard the Sonic for an intergalactic experience or whirl around on the Sputnik, thrills guaranteed. Finish the day with a game of Minigolf, dotted with waterfalls and lush vegetation. Or why not enjoy a mountain hike or a chairlift ride? 

Now that's a FUNtastic day!

attractions for all ages
35 km/hr
in our alpine roller coaster
43 meters
of double zipline
100 %

Never a dull moment

at Parc F.U.N.!


Fantastic, unique and in the heart of nature, this amusement park is a world of fun for everyone.


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Sommets Saint Sauveur Parc Fun Ete Maneges Summer Attractions

A mountain of activities for everyone!


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Immerse yourself in a world of adventure and excitement at Parc F.U.N.! Climb aboard the Viking for a dizzying descent, fly over the park in the Dragon, then try out the Honey Bee, the Red Baron and the Giant Tree. Then set off to conquer space in the Sonic or test your mettle aboard the Sputnik. End your day with a game of Minigolf or a ride on the chairlift. A magical day to remember!


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Opening hours


11:00AM to 7:00PM


11:00AM to 7:00PM

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Rides open

9 / 9

Rides open

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655, chemin Louis-Dufour Saint-Sauveur Quebec, Canada J0R 1R3
Site map

The Viking alpine roller coaster


Whether you're going fast or slow, the choice is yours aboard the Viking! Our 4-season alpine roller coaster lets you control your speed for a unique experience. Alone or in tandem, come and hurtle down the mountain through the forest in a ride full of surprises.

The Dragon 




Try out the Dragon, a unique double-seat zipline! Let yourself be hoisted up high, then fly over the park on a descent that's as fast as it is dizzying.




Parc F.U.N. is open with its miniature golf course. Its 18 holes of varying difficulty will put your skills to the test!

Prolong happiness


Freshness, ride and height... the adventure continues!