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in summer

Fun never takes a break at our resorts! Discover our range of summer activities and get ready for a season full of adventure and surprises.

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What to do this summer

Action, outdoor fun, relaxation, laughter and pleasure... an infinite array of activities for the whole family. Discover THE best recreation and tourism destination in the Laurentians!


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Plan your visit

From our water park and hebertism course to our camping, biking trails and amusement park, our destinations are sure to make your summer fun and exciting! Plan your next visit today!

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Summer jobs for everyone!

Positions are generally available from June to September in a variety of areas, including Customer service, Food and Beverages, Security/First aid, Operations, etc.

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Having received your application to become a les Sommets new instructor, you now have until October 11th to complete your offer.

Position summary
Laurentians Snow School & Racing Team
Published on: August 9 2023
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Offer of services



Here are the steps to complete the offer of services.


The description of the steps can be found below the photos, in the gray box. Once you have clearly noted the steps to follow illustrated in the photos below, you can fill out the offer of services form found further down on this page.

1 Pour Appliquer Renseignements Personnels EN

Step 1 | Complete all fields marked with an asterisk

2 J'ai Travaillé Pour Les Sommets...EN

Step 2 | Leave this field blank

3 Laurentides Vs Outaouais EN

Step 3 | Select the Region that applies to where you want to work

4 Documents À Joindre EN

Skip this section

5 Ski, Planche, Parc EN

Step 5 | Indicate whether you would like to teach skiing or snowboarding, or both

6 Bien Lire EN

Step 6 | Please read the following carefully

7 Sommet Souhaité EN

Step 7 | Select the Sommets mountain where you want to teach


Step 8 | Beforehand, establish the days you are offering to be in service, taking into account your previous engagements (sports team, school calendar…).

9 Statut EN

Step 9 | Count the days you offer your services and then check one of the 7 boxes according to your situation.

10 Ajouter Des Dates EN

Step 10 | After selecting one of the 7 options, take a final look at the calendar and add/remove dates as needed.

11 Choix 2 Et 3 EN

Step 11 | Don't forget to select Sommet 2 and Sommet 3 as the ski hills where you would like to work (MANDATORY).

12 Soumettre Ma Candidature EN

Step 12 | All that remains is to send your application by pressing the green button. Congratulations, your offer of services has been sent and we will contact you, BY PHONE, before October 11th, 2024.

To apply

Personal informations

Your are looking for a job

Documents to attach

To complete your application, you may include the following: resume, cover letter, references, skills card, etc.
File format accepted: .jpeg, .pdf et .doc jpg,jpeg,doc,docx,pdf


Your profile

This information will allow us to offer you other employment opportunities at les Sommets, if applicable.


You are going to teach:

Offer of services

In order to better plan our operations for the upcoming season and determine the number of instructors available to work on a given day, it is important for us to receive as much information as possible about your application for the upcoming winter season.


Please take the time to fill out the form correctly as soon as possible. This will also determine your employee status (full-time, part-time or casual).


Offering your services on a specific day means that YOU ARE AVAILABLE TO TEACH FROM THE OPENING OF THE STATION UNTIL 4:30 p.m.


Applicants who offer their services every Saturday and Sunday in a row will be given priority.


Check one of the following options that matches your request on the calendar. If these options don't work for you, please check specific days directly on the calendar and the management team will review your request and determine if it meets the needs of the snow school. 



  • Sommet Saint-Sauveur & versant Avila > open 7 days a week
  • Sommet Gabriel > open from Wednesday to Sunday
  • Sommet Olympia & Sommet Morin Heights > open from Thursday to Monday


For Gabriel, Olympia and Morin Heights instructors: you can offer your services for a specific day even if your partner station is closed; we will take this into account when assigning lessons to one of the stations open that day.

Desired summit

Please choose the summit for which you are applying.

You are looking for a job

Check all that apply

Your skills and interests

Check all that apply


Note: make sure you validate your contact informations so that we can contact you if your application is successful.