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#1 in Eastern North America

The Sommets Snoprk is a must for all freestyle lovers. Supported by a passionate team of park rangers, it stands out year after year in the best North America snowparks billboard.

Summit Challenge

This challenge is a video and a photo contest open to all. Over $14 000 will be awarded to best teams.

Yes I Do

Tieing in les Sommets’ new name and following this new agreement, Rockstar MSS Snoprk becomes Snoprk les Sommets, while keeping its previous identity on social media with Snoprk Sommet Saint-Sauveur. This new name involves a complete rebranding, a new market positioning and a new terrain set up.

One Park Per Summit

Each resort present a development park and small set ups near their bunny hills, allowing skiers and first-time riders to get the feel of riding snowpark set ups for the first time.

6 "Freestyle" Zones

In addition to earlier skiing ground, the terrain allocated for the freestyle was analyzed, modified and widened. In addition to the large and popular Snoprk already known and loved by ski enthusiasts, a great part of the Laurentides trail will become a naturally adapted terrain with profiled turns and rollers for a less experienced customer, while the Central Park will welcome small and medium set ups. In addition, the versant Avila’s bunny hill will welcome a new learning area for first-time riders. This new area will offer junior set ups and a 1,200 square feet learning terrain, giving them the opportunity to try free styling for the first time. Therefore, all new skiers will have access to a wide array of set ups and progressive terrains, ranging from beginner to expert.


Restricted Areas (Upper Prk + Main Prk)

These areas are located in our restricted park and created for the « real » ski and snowboard freestyle riders. This means that their access is controlled at the top of the trail by RFID gates (as well as at the foot of the trail). To access these restricted areas, users will have to purchase a PARK PASS first at Customer Service.

These areas are for freestyle regulars and not recommended for beginners. SET UPS, RAILS AND JUMPS are mostly LARGE and XTRA LARGE.

Central Park Area

Located on the lower part of the Express East, this area is for intermediate riders who fully control their skis or snowboards, ready to hit the medium jumps and set ups.

This step requires great control of the gear because it is often associated with the introduction to aerials.  

Profiled Areas (Laurentides Trail + Express Ouest Area)

Once accustomed to the bunny hill, the riders are invited to take the main lift and master their skills on regular trails.

Profiled areas have been prepared on the edge of the ski trails. These different areas offer varied terrains in order for rookie riders to tame snow structures:  ripples, moguls and profiled turns. The riders are invited to glide down those areas WITHOUT manoeuvres.  These areas are perfect for families wanting a playground accessible for everyone.

Terrain Based Learning

Divided in 5 clearly identified steps, the learning method allows new riders to be introduced to the sport in a secure and delimited environment where speed and turns are naturally controlled by the landform. Whether on skis or on a snowboard, this innovative shaping of the slope eradicates the anguish of the first run and allows new riders to tame the feeling of gliding.

Furthermore, this terrain based learning area located at the foot of the hill welcomes junior set ups perfect for beginning riders, allowing them to make their first steps in a freestyle environment.


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