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JR Games is back on March 9

#1 in Eastern North America

The Sommets Snoprk is a must for all freestyle lovers. Supported by a passionate team of park rangers, it stands out year after year in the best North America snowparks billboard.

Several freestyle zones for a progressive terrain

In addition to offering modules earlier in the season, the entire terrain allocated to freestyle has been reviewed, corrected and expanded. In addition to the restricted Main Park offering intermediate to expert level modules, a large section of the Laurentian trail will become a terrain offering small modules for less experienced riders. In addition, the school slope on the versant Avila will host a learning-by-doing zone for new riders. This new area will feature junior modules and a 1,200 square foot beginner-rider terrain, giving them a chance to learn in a freestyle environment. In doing so, all levels of skiers and boarders will have access to various progressive modules and terrain, from beginner to expert.

Restricted Areas (Upper Park + Main Park)

These areas are located in our restricted park and created for the « real » ski and snowboard freestyle riders. This means that their access is controlled at the top of the trail by RFID gates (as well as at the foot of the trail). To access these restricted areas, users will have to purchase a PARK PASS first at Customer Service.

Laurentides Trail + Express Ouest Area

Small modules and profiled areas have been set up along the side of the trails. These areas are ideal for families who want a "playground" accessible to both children and adults.

Terrain Based Learning

Divided in 5 clearly identified steps, the learning method allows new riders to be introduced to the sport in a secure and delimited environment where speed and turns are naturally controlled by the landform. Whether on skis or on a snowboard, this innovative shaping of the slope eradicates the anguish of the first run and allows new riders to tame the feeling of gliding.

Furthermore, this terrain based learning area located at the foot of the hill welcomes junior set ups perfect for beginning riders, allowing them to make their first steps in a freestyle environment.



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