BIIIIRDIIIIIE! Follow the footsteps of the minigolf champion, Carl Carmoni, and come try the Saint-Sauveur Mini golf. Its 18 holes with varied difficulty will put your skills and your green reading to the test.


A minigolf for everyone

With its variants of terrain such as: waterfalls, landings, bridges, tunnels, reliefs, flora and nature this miniputt is a must for all members of the family.

"Bravo, super well built and drawn. It offers an 18 holes course for all types of players."
- Carl Carmoni

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Interesting facts

  • An investment of almost $ 1 million
  • Built during summer of 2016
  • 18 holes + 1 practice green
  • Arrangement of several types of land
  • 1 bridge connecting the two parts of the course


Valid for the 2019 season.

Minigolf 1 round

13 yrs old +

Minigolf 1 round


12 yrs old -

Minigolf 1 round


5 yrs old -

Minigolf 1 round


Inauguration - Summer 2016

Relive the thrill of the inauguration tournament.

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