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Les Sommets Snow School

Visitor's guide and sanitary measures

Important message for the 2021- 2022 season


To protect our students and instructors and ensure the continuity of our programs this season, health and operational measures have been put in place. It is essential to read them before your first visit to the resort. In addition, we continually adapt to new government requirements to offer you a safe environment this winter. Our goal is to make your experience as pleasant as possible when you visit us.
We are asking for everyone's cooperation to ensure that the next few weeks are safe and that activities are maintained throughout the upcoming season. 

Specific measures for our Snow Schools

Mandatory masks for Snow School lessons

To protect our students and our instructors and ensure the continuity of our Snow School programs this season, Les Sommets has decided to require the wearing of masks for all its students aged three years and older. We remind you that this additional measure is for the health and safety of all.

- The student will have to wear the procedure mask (blue medical mask) during the lesson. It is the student's responsibility to bring a mask to the lesson:


  • Students 3 to 5 years old: for children 3 to 5 years old, it is strongly recommended to wear the procedure mask, but it is still possible to wear the neck cover at all times during the lesson.


  • Students 6 years and older: procedural mask must be worn at all times during the lesson.


- In the context of a Snow School lesson, students who enter the chalet with their instructor will have to wear a face-covering inside at all times, from the age of 3 years old, because the physical distance will not be able to be respected at all times.

- The instructor will wear a procedure mask at all times during the lesson (from the reception of the clients until the end of the lesson).

Access to the chalet

An area will be reserved for children who need to warm up during their lesson with their instructor.

For parents, the chalets will be accessible, at reduced capacity, to warm up or go to the bathroom. The maximum time inside the chalets will be 20 minutes.

We remind you that it is not possible to eat either a meal or a snack inside the chalets.

Lunch Hour for students

Parents must supervise lunchtime. We remind you that it is not possible to eat inside the chalets at this time. Our cafeterias will offer take-out options. Please eat outside, in your vehicle or be prepared with another alternative.

Picking up your Snow School pass

Each pass holder aged 13 years and older must come to the guest service counter as soon as possible (if it has not yet been done), to validate their vaccine passport with a photo ID. A valid access pass is mandatory to use the ski lift. Fees of $5 are applicable for the replacement of a school pass card or a seasonal pass.

We recommend that you do not wait until the morning of the lesson, as you may not be able to validate your pass in time.

Snow School Passes Validity

Your School Pass is valid from Saturday, January 8 or Sunday, January 9, as well as the two weekends following the end of the program, depending on the day of the class your child is registered for.

In addition, your School Pass entitles you to a 25% discount on a full-day ticket at the regular rate at any time during the 2021-2022 season.

Vaccine passport for students 13 years +

Students 13 years of age and older must present their vaccine passports and identification before classes begin.

Do you have a Snow School pass?

As of today, all 2021-2022 season passes have been deactivated, including Snow School pass holders (Parent pass, School pass 13 years and older). The validation of the vaccination pass will have to be done in person at one of our customer service counters. We recommend that all our members come in now to validate and activate their access. This validation step must be done only once during the 2021-2022 season. Unfortunately, it is not possible to send only one representative per family. Therefore, each client aged 13 years and older must present themselves in person for validation.

In case of COVID-19 symptoms

In the event of COVID-19 symptoms, the student should remain at home.

To help you make an informed decision as to whether or not the student can come to their snow lesson, the student should answer the following four questions in the negative before coming to the resort for a ski or snowboard lesson:

  1. Do you have any symptoms of Covid-19?
  2. Have you been in contact with an infected person?
  3. Are you waiting for a test result, or have you received a positive test result for Covid-19?
  4. Have you been in close contact with someone who is currently in isolation or waiting for a Covid-19 test result?

If not, do not come to the mountain.

Snow School Programs - Covid-19 Symptom Report Form

This form is for our students attending our Snow School programs and has developed symptoms of Covid-19 in the days following their attendance at their lesson. The purpose of this form is not to notify a student's non-attendance but rather to share information regarding a potential risk of transmission within the student's group. If a student has been in contact with another student who has tested positive for Covid-19, a member of our team will contact you.

This monitoring of symptoms is not mandatory but is recommended to protect our students and instructors and to ensure the continuity of our ski programs this season.

Consult the form


Cancelling your program

We remind you that you can cancel or be credited for your entire sliding program if your first lesson has not taken place.

All cancellation requests must be sent via the form available for this purpose on

You can consult the conditions of purchase of your program here:

Reservation for private lessons

Reservations are required to receive a private
lesson (phone 450-227-4671 or 514-871-0101).
An outside meeting point is clearly indicated on your arrival for your lesson, please go there.
  • Ski and board lessons are permitted in private and group settings.
  • Groups will be composed of the same participants for the duration of the programs whenever possible.
  • In the lifts, the formation of small stable groups will be preferred.
  • It is recommended, but not mandatory, that skiers 3 years of age and older wear face coverings on the lifts.
  • A detailed information email will be sent in mid-December to all Snow School students enrolled in a 2021-2022 program.

Be responsible!

If you have flu like symptoms, gastroenteritis or anything similar to COVID ‑ 19, do not present yourself to any of les Sommets.

 For our students attending our Snow School programs and that has developed symptoms of Covid-19 in the days following their attendance at their lesson, we have developed a form for this matter.

Consult the form


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