Having a snack, repairing your gear or renting equipment for a day, an evening or the season, here are a few useful spots to visit during your ski outing.


Shopping, Meals And Equipments

The Shop

Featuring ready-to-wear clothing and a wide variety of equipment, you will find the item sought after under the judicious advice of our specialists. Trust us, we are the reference in the sport. In addition, you will have the chance to enjoy free trials to confirm your choices.

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Rental Shop

Thanks to HEAD’s BYS system, our rental equipment offer security and speed in execution , aiming for the skier or snowboarder’s easy progress . Our sharp and waxed top range fleet benefit from a special care, including boot driers and sanitizers. You will feel as comfortable as if you were in your slippers!

Please note that you must be accompanied by an adult to rent our equipment if you are 15 and under. If you are 16 and over, you must present a valid identity card : driver’s licence, heath care card or passport.

Repair Shop

The Sommet Saint-Sauveur Repair shop offers state-of-the-art techniques. Under the skillful hands of our specialists, all skiers and snowboarders benefit from our expertise.

New acquisition

The Sommet Saint-Sauveur's Repair Shop acquired a brand new Wintersteiger Mercury automated service procedure to tune up pairs of skis to perfection. Mercury's automated service procedure allows you to tune up to 30 pairs of skis to perfection every hour.

Wide open spaces and the Laurentians’ fresh air are making you hungry during your ski outing and you want a snack ? Here are two choices for you in the ski hill’s main lodge.

Fast-food restaurant - Au Pied de la Côte

What better way to end the ski outing with a good hot coffee and a Viennese pastry. The restaurant Au pied de la côte welcomes you in the main Pavillion with numerous exotic coffees, croissants and fresh pastries for your sweet tooth. Enjoy a warm drink while taking in the beautiful scenery.

Located in the Sommet Saint-Sauveur’s Pavillion, the restaurant Au pied de la côte offers a wide range of hot and cold meals. With its pasta bar, panini counter and meals warming your heart, the restaurant Au pied de la côte is perfect to enjoy a snack with all family members.

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