Practical information

What types of clothing are allowed in pools or water slides?

  • For security and hygiene reasons, only swimming appropriate shoes and tight fitting bathing clothing will be accepted at the various different water activities. Burkinis (one piece from head to feet), rash guards and wetsuits are some examples.
  • All diaper-aged children must wear proper swim diapers at all times
  • Watches, jewellery and other accessories are not permitted in water activities.
  • Sunglasses as well as prescription glasses must be worn with a proper headband at all times.

*Swimming shoes are not permitted in the Twisters water activity.

Is it possible to bring alcoholic beverages and glass containers?

No, no alcoholic beverages or glass containers are permitted inside the park.

Is it possible to bring a BBQ?


Are coolers permitted on the site?

Yes, the entire site.

Are floatation devices permitted?

No, only Canada Transport approved lifejackets are accepted. 

* We have some life jackets of different sizes that you can borrow. However, they are in limited quantity.

Are the activities heated?

All our waterslides are heated approximately at 72 to 75 degrees, except the Colorado and Niagara. The pool-spa is heated at 80 degrees.

Can children go in the Pool-Spa?

Children must be accompanied by an adult 18 years and over (1 child per adult).

Is it possible to rent a locker for the day?

Yes, you can rent a locker for the day. A $ 5 deposit will be refunded when you bring back the key at the Boutique at the end of the day. Keys are available at the Ticket booth, the Customer Service Desk and the Shop. Non refundable, non exchangeable.

We are not responsible for stolen or lost items.

What are the payment methods available on site?

Cash, debit and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and Amex) are accepted in all booths except le Marché (cash only).

Is it possible to exit and return to the site with the bracelet?

Yes. The bracelet must be worn on the wrist at all times.

Are there showers and change rooms?

Yes, they are located in the BBQ restaurant and first aid building to the right of the wave pool.

Is there a site map available?

Yes, there are site maps available at the reception, customer service and in some displays on site.

Is smoking permitted?

The Water Park is non smoking. However we offer 4- smoking areas. Visit the site map for locations.

What if it rains?


 Weather Guarantee

 - 10 minutes of rain, a free ticket

If before 4 pm:
- We must close all activities of the water park more than 10 minutes.


- If it rains more than 10 consecutive minutes.

- A personalized rain check ticket for a later visit to the water park. Valid until September 2, 2019.

What does this warranty apply to:
- This warranty is only applicable on the water park ticket.
- Not applicable on:
• No products from the Parc F.U.N.
• Rental of a Cabanas or Gazebo
• Lunch Trio
• Lockers
• Bus transportation

What to do:
- You must go to the Guest Services counter to request a Weather Guarantee. We will issue a personalized rain check ticket for your next visit. Valid until september 2, 2019.


- Upon your next visit,you will have to present your personalized rain check ticket and an identity card with a photo.

- Conditions transmitted with any reservation of modification.



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