Racing Teams

Les Sommet is proud to offer 3 different categories of competition teams in all are our different stations : Alpine skiing teams, moguls teams and freestyle snoprk teams.

Alpine skiing team

Les Sommet offer complete programs for skier from 6 to 21 yrs old. Those programs are offered in all our stations but option and specialty might not be offered in every station.

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Moguls skiing team

Our Moguls teams stood out trough the years because we bet on the next generation of athletes. Counting in our students Mikael Kingsbury and Alexandre Bilodeau. This program is available at Sommet Saint-Sauveur and Sommet Gabriel.

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Freestyle SNOPRK teams

This competition development program is for skiers and snowboarders who needs action. The goal is to mentally and technically prepare athletes to perform in competitions taking place in a snow park.

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Visitor's guide for the competition team

Before your arrival

  • If you have flu like symptoms, gastroenteritis or anything similar to COVID ‑ 19, do not present yourself to any of les Sommets activities or services and please call 1 877 644-4545.
  • Do not show up to one of the mountains of les Sommets if you have traveled outside the country in the last 14 days

Interregional travel is not recommended, in accordance with the recommendations issued by the Public Health. The accountability of each with regard to instructions is requested and will be presumed.

Face-coverings mandatory

  • for people 3 years old and + in the chairlifts, the chairlifts waiting lines and the in all group gatherings with coaches and fellow athletes.
  • In all indoor spaces for people 10 years old and +.

Red Zone; no access to training

Check the color code for your primary residential address

Main residential address in the red zone

A member of the racing team living in a red zone cannot participate in any training.

Interregional travel is not recommended, in accordance with the recommendations issued by the Public Health. The accountability of each with regard to instructions is requested and will be presumed.

For more information on color codes, visit

Green, yellow and orange Zone; access to trainings

Main residential address in green, yellow and orange zone    

Members living in a green, yellow or orange zone are able to participate in the team training sessions.

Parents must sign an engagement agreement

Parents will need to sign an agreement to commit to monitoring their child's symptoms, and not to show up for training if they or another household member is showing symptoms. This agreement must be given to the head coach before the first training session, and is valid for the entire season.

Download document here! 


Access to the pavilions will be restricted, so be prepared! Bring with you the necessary items to be the most autonomous possible during your training sessions:

  • Face-coverings, mandatory in the chairlifts and the chairlifts waiting lines for people 3 years old and +. In all indoor spaces for people 10 years old and +. Be prepared with 1 or 2 face coverings per person as well as a neck warmer or other warm item that covers the nose and mouth.
  • Weather appropriate clothes to deal with all weather conditions and a change of clothes to always stay dry during your training sessions.
  • Your lunch

Training day

At the slightest sign of symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, difficulty breathing) for you or a member of your immediate entourage you must stay at home, you cannot go to les Sommets

Arrive ready to ski for your training session

  • Dress and put your boots, coat and helmet on in your vehicle and be ready to hit the slopes for your training session from the parking lot.
  • It will not be possible to get ready in the chalets. The same rule applies at the end of your training session; it will not be possible to change inside the chalet.
  • No personal items (boot bag, etc.) will be accepted inside the pavilions. Please leave your personal items in your vehicle or outside the pavilion.
  • Bring with you your face coverings, which are mandatory in the chairlifts and in the waiting lines of the chairlifts for children 3 years and older and in all indoor places for those 10 years and older

Arrive 15 minutes before the beginning of your training session and know your meeting point

  • It is important to arrive 15 minutes before your training session. Do not arrive too early or too late to ensure good rotation between groups.
  • Parents should make sure they know their meeting point in order to arrive at the right place. The meeting points will be communicated clearly and in advance.

The unfolding of a training session

Attendance will be taken diligently every day

  • If an athlete shows symptoms during a training day, they will be immediately removed from the group. Parents will have to pick him up.

  • Parents must pick him up and follow the protocol in case of symptoms or outbreak:
    ANNEX 2: Protocol in the event of the presence of symptoms or in the event of an outbreak of COVID-19 (coming soon)

  • The athlete may return to training when at least one of the conditions in the return to training form has been met.
    ANNEX 3: Parent commitment form for a child's return to training (coming soon)

  • The different age categories will be in contact as little as possible. It will therefore be important to get on the chairlifts only with athletes of the same age group, and / or their coach.

  • For U8s, the ratios have been reduced to 1 coach for 6 athletes, accompanied by an assistant coach. Thus, all children will be accompanied by a coach or assistant coach in the chairlifts.

Access to pavilions

Access to the pavilions will be restricted this winter:

  • Each age category will have a one-hour lunch break (see training schedules.) The chalets have been fitted out in order to respect distancing measures.

  • If you have the opportunity to dine elsewhere with your children (at home or at your cottage, for example), this is encouraged.

  • All athletes must bring their own lunch to eat  at designated chalets.

  • A maximum of one parent can accompany their child for lunch. If this is the case, you will have to eat in the family section, 2 meters away from others.
  •  Indoors, athletes should maintain the recommended distance at all times.

The disinfection of the premises is carried out several times a day and is adjusted according to the traffic.

Obligations in the pavilions  

  • Disinfection of hands when entering and again when exiting the building
  • Face-covering for everyone aged 10 years and older*.
  • Respect of the 2-meter physical distancing rule.
  • Follow the circulation signs in place.

* Provide an extra face-cover when entering the pavilions

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