Our Racing Teams

Les Sommet is proud to offer 3 different categories of competition teams in all are our different stations : Alpine skiing teams, moguls teams and freestyle snoprk teams.

1- Alpine Team

Les Sommet offer complete programs for skier from 6 to 21 yrs old. Those programs are offered in all our stations but option and specialty might not be offered in every station.


2- Moguls Team

Our Moguls teams stood out trough the years because we bet on the next generation of athletes. Counting in our students Mikael Kingsbury and Alexandre Bilodeau. This program is available at Sommet Saint-Sauveur and Sommet Gabriel.


3- Freestyle SNOPRK Team

This competition development program is for skiers and snowboarders who needs action. The goal is to mentally and technically prepare athletes to perform in competitions taking place in a snow park.


Health measures and visitor's guide for the competition teams

2021-2022 Winter Protocol

Information for parents

Before arriving at the mountain

● Be sure to watch for symptoms of COVID-19. If your child shows symptoms, do not show up for training, and follow public health guidelines.

● This season in Quebec, the vaccination passport is required by public health for those 13 years of age and older to practice skiing. Athletes 13 years and older must therefore have their season pass activated in order to ski and thus participate in training. To do so, simply present yourself at the customer service with your vaccination passport and a piece of identification. You only need to complete this process once at the beginning of the season.

● It is important to be punctual and arrive 15 minutes before practices.

● Do not forget your mask or face cover as it is mandatory in indoor areas such as the cabins for ages 10 and up. It is also recommended in the waiting lines and lifts.

● Make sure you are aware of the sanitary rules established by les Sommets, and respect them at all times.

o To see all the sanitary rules, visit 


Training Day:

● Athletes' presence will be taken each day.

● If an athlete exhibits symptoms during a training day, he/she will be removed from the group. Parents will be required to pick him/her up.

o The athlete will be allowed to return to training when at least one of the conditions on the Return to Training Form (Appendix 1) has been observed, or as directed by Public Health.

● Athletes will be required to keep a meter of distance from others as much as possible.

Ski lodge:

● If you have the ability to have dinner elsewhere with your children (at home or at your cottage, for example), this is encouraged.

● Parents who wish to accompany their children to lunch in the ski lodge will need to have their vaccination passports.

● Masks must be worn in the lodge for youth 10 years and older when not eating.

● It is possible to change clothes in the chalet, but no bags should be left on or under the tables. These must be left in the designated areas.

● A maximum of 10 people per table is allowed for lunch.

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