Racing team 2019-2020

Do you want even more? The racing programs at les Sommets supplement the programs at our Snow School.

Sommet Edelweiss

The mission of Sommet Edelweiss’ Competition Team is to offer the best learning environment possible to develop quick and efficient racing techniques. You will rub shoulders with the following values : • Respect • Discipline • Independance • Friendship • Bilinguism

For more information, please consult the team's website :


Nancy Greene | Saturday

From $684.00

Nancy Greene | Sunday

From $540.00

Alpine skiing U10 (2010-2011)

From $1,155.00

Alpine skiing U12 (2007-2008)

From $1,155.00

Alpine skiing U14 (2005-2006)

From $1,296.00

Alpine skiing U16 (2004-2005)

From $1,296.00

Alpine skiing U18 (2003 and under)

From $1,296.00

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