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Do you want even more? The racing programs at les Sommets supplement the programs at our Snow School.

Sommet Olympia

The mission of Sommet Olympia’s Competition Club is to encourage alpine skiing practice within racers ranging from the ages of 6 to 21. Sommet Olympia’s Competition Club Training Program helps develop the alpine skier’s technical skills: controlled free ski, race techniques, slalom, giant slaloms and Super G. Free skiing and paths trainings are added to reinforce those techniques.

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Alpine skiing U8 21 days (2012-2013)

From $830.00

Alpine skiing U8 40 days (2012-2013)

From $1,420.00

Alpine skiing U10 (2010-2011)

From $1,420.00

Alpine skiing U12 (2008-2009)

From $1,491.00

Alpine skiing U14 (2006-2007)

From $1,570.00

Alpine skiing U16 (2004-2005)

From $1,606.00

Relève les Sommets U14 (2006-2007)

From $3,358.00

Relève les Sommets U16 (20013-2004)

From $3,358.00

FIS les Sommets ''Performance - Sport-Alliance'' (2003 and under) - Ski

From $3,846.00

FIS les Sommets ''Junior Championship'' (2003 and under) - Ski

From $2,850.00

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