Prepare your visit

Follow these few steps:

1-Arrival at the station

  • Parking
  • Unloading area
  • Entrance

2-Go to the main entrance

  • Get your ticket
  • Get your boots and your helmet
  • Be sure to store your personal belongings in a locker ($)

3-Time to go outside

  • Get your skis or snowboard at the Boîte à ski
  • Meet your ski or your snowboard instructor to the meeting point.

4- Let's have fun!

  • Start your lesson at the Terrain Base Learning Area.
  • Once your lesson is over, you can keep on practicing in the Terrain Base Learning Area or progress towards a beginner trail La Plagne.
  • You want more? The 2nd beginner trail is the Red Bird


refer yourself to the Visitor’s Guide, at the Snow School section, for the application of sanitary measures during a lesson.

Arrive early

After your booking, you will have to go to the ski school counter 30 minutes before the beginning of your class and 60 minutes before your class if you have rental equipment.

Dress appropriately

Please read our Dress Code Tips to make sure you get the most out of your experience.

Dress code tip

How to get to Sommet Saint-Sauveur

350 avenue Saint-Denis Saint-Sauveur (Québec) Canada J0R 1R3 450 227-4671 ou 1-800-363-2426


Reservations Policy

You must reserve your lesson, package, or lesson card in advance in order to guarantee availability.

Registration must be paid in full in order to complete the reservation.

Once your reservation has been made, you must arrive at the ski school counter at least 30 minutes in advance of your lesson time and at least 60 minutes in advance when renting equipment.

The lesson shall start and end at the scheduled time.

Terms and Conditions

No refunds at any time.

Lift tickets are included for the duration of the lesson only.

Lesson Postponement

Conditions to be observed before taking a private lesson:
To come to the mountain and take a ski or snowboard lesson, the student (and his parent if he is a minor) must answer the following 4 questions in the negative:

Do you have symptoms of Covid-19?
Have you been in contact with an infected person?
Are you waiting for a test result or have you received a positive test result?
Have you returned from a trip abroad less than 14 days ago?
Otherwise, do not come to the mountain.

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